Sunday, August 30, 2015

Thus and So

* My dear sweet Bethany was due today, but it looks like this little one does not believe in the "full moon" stuff when it comes to making her arrival. She has a timetable all her own. *sigh* She is not the only shy little girl. My sweet niece Annie was due four days ago and her little girl is being stubborn too.

* So, anyhow, Rachel and I made a stop at my favorite ice cream shop last Friday after visiting Tim. She almost made the mistake of ordering a "small" but I corrected the mistake for her. We got "baby" size cones instead. Yes, those really are baby size cones, no foolin'. Needless to say, although neither one of us was eager to admit it to our honeys, we weren't very hungry when supper time rolled around. Next time we'll have to stop on our way out instead of the way back.

* It was a busy week for the Barefoot Lumber-
jack. He put on his shoes and his Wood- cutter's clothes, and set to work cutting up the tree he'd chopped down. Not sure how that "up" and "down" stuff works but that's how it goes. He even got the wood splitter running and made short work of it, kind of. We now have a rather nice supply of winter wood and, in spite of a hole in his nice newish shoe, a slice through his sock, and a cut to the side of his big toe (thanks to the chainsaw), he is not too much worse for the wear. (God is good.)

* We've had a few grand- children about this week. The Skittle dish needs to be replen- ished, there are still toys in the living room, and I need to bake another batch of cookies. Lucas likes my "Granny arms" just fine, they aren't hairy like Grandpa's, and I am feeling loved.

* It promises to be another busy week with work sandwiched in between.


  1. Oh the anxious moments....two little babies just around the corner... That ice cream cone looks so good.

    That's a lot of will stay warm.

    1. Yes, lots of excitement around here.
      Forgot to mention the chainsaw...
      The ice cream sure was yummy!

  2. I loved my baby cone. :) I had to tell Dave when he suggested going out to dinner and a movie. I just couldn't bear the thought of eating, however when the movie ended at 9:45ish my tummy was growling. By the time I got home and my pizza was made it was 11:00pm.
    I'm glad James didn't cut anything off of his body with that chainsaw. Remember when Grandpa cut his leg with one and then drove himself to the hospital?"
    That little girl better hurry up and get here!

    1. Yes, but Grandpa was probably in his 80's and he was in the tree besides. Oy!
      Next time I'll have to fess up faster with the ice cream. The stuffed peppers would have tasted much better had I been hungry.