Friday, August 07, 2015

Afternoon Tea

My friend Deborah and I went on a little excursion yesterday afternoon. I learned months ago about this tea party in a park in downtown Rochester, NY so we set off to join in the fun.

We found Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass engaged in deep conver- sation, teapot, cups, and books on the table. The park seemed unusually quiet for being situated just a few blocks west of downtown. A few people meandered by, the houses were neat and well kept.

I don't know if Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony ever actually sat down and had tea together, but since they were very good friends, it is altogether very likely. I found this written in an article concerning his death, "Miss Anthony and Mr. Douglass formed an intimate friendship when both resided in Rochester, N.Y., and that friendship had continued for many decades." History comes alive when one looks for it outside of dry and dusty textbooks.

I'm pretty sure Mr. Douglass would be heartbroken that with all of the work that he and others did to "banish the color line" that it still exists to this day. What an incredible scene this statue depicts! It's too bad, in many ways, that it is in such an out of the way location.

We didn't spend an incredible amount of time at Susan B. Anthony Square, but continued on and found ourselves at the Highland Bowl between South Avenue and Mount Hope Boulevard, and there he was again, an elder Frederick Douglass standing high atop a pedestal, hands outstretched.

I'm certain this statue gets many more visitors, simply due to it's location. We pretty much stumbled upon it by accident when deciding to visit Highland Park (home of the Lilac Festival) and it has given me even more cause to learn about this notable Rochestarian who, along with Susan B is buried at Mount Hope Cemetery not far from where this monument stands.


  1. Oh these are wonderful sculptures. I love seeing them and visiting places that have then. Also your narrative is always interesting and informing. Thanks for my early morning enjoyment with my first cup of coffee. Love you.

    1. They are very cool sculptures and it was fun to see them. Love having coffee with you!