Sunday, August 23, 2015

Time is a Racer

Life flies by...

Twenty years ago we welcomed our seventh child, a little girl named Hannah who never believed in being a newborn. None of that floppy baby kind of stuff for her! She arrived ready to compete for her place in the family and compete she did. We used to laugh at her ability to keep up with her brothers because the possibility of not never even entered her mind. She has been so much fun!

Did I say life flies by?

In another four weeks our sweet daughter will be getting married. Although it hasn't necessarily been public knowledge, it hasn't exactly been a secret either, at least to us. We just weren't quite sure how it was going to happen. Now we are. So, we have been making plans, addressing invitations (they're going out tomorrow), and waiting to see how the whole event will come together.

And somewhere in between then and now we're going to welcome another baby girl into our clan. Bethany is due in one week.