Wednesday, August 05, 2015

A Little Bit of Dirt

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground,...
Genesis 2:7a

Beth and Adam are putting a little addition on their house to make room for the new baby. The process has included the accumulation of one terrific dirt pile out back, a wonderful place for little boys to play (and little girls too because I can just barely remember the dirt pile in our backyard when Dad and Uncle Chuck built the garage). Jake found it alluring on Friday evening when we took the boys home but I'd neglected to take my camera.

On Sunday afternoon I had my camera in tow when Josh came out to watch his dad and grandpa work, and to get a little dirt on his hands... and feet... and stomach...(I almost wished I was a kid again so I could play and not look foolish, but I forgot to bring my sandbox clothes...)

I don't think
 he minded me taking his picture. Every once in a while he'd look to see if I still had my camera pointed his direction, and he never tried to hide. I do have to say, he is pretty cute.

He walked the ridge, buried his feet, slid down the edge, dug holes and tossed rocks. As long as someone was watching (me), he was content. And when he was thoroughly covered with dust, he disappeared around the back of the house and showed up in the driveway where he hosed himself down with ice cold water. Then he turned around and ran back to the dirt for a fresh layer.

I think he was actually enjoying my attention for once.


  1. Replies
    1. He was having a ball! My only worry was that he would "Unclean" the house before Bethany had a chance to get home.

  2. I cannot believe how tall and grown up he is!!! Goodness, when did that happen. How exciting the new baby coming soon. These are wonderful pictures he will surely laugh at when he's 21.

    1. He is in a hurry to be grown up. I don't think that should be allowed but he isn't asking me how I feel about it. At least Lukie is staying little for a while.