Friday, August 14, 2015

I Stayed Home

Today I stayed home. I did not accomplish grand and glorious things, but I did stay home and perhaps that is a grand accomplishment in and of itself.

It has been a sleepy kind of day. I am not entirely certain from whence the sleepiness has descended. Perhaps it is allergies or the sinus headache I battled earlier this week. Maybe it is the humidity. At any rate, in between bouts of dish washing and carpet vacuuming I found time to be lazy and flop on the couch. I tossed a load of clothes in the washing machine early this evening and they are now tumbling about in the dryer. I swept my back porch, watered my plants, and filled the bird feeders. I checked my bank account and called to find the balance on my Target Card. I stuffed the back seat of my van with bottles to return to the store sometime tomorrow. Actually, I stuffed both sides of the back seat... Maybe I'll win a prize!

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