Monday, May 20, 2013

Rolling in the Grass

There is a reason I did not add "Mow the whole yard in one day" to my list of fancy schmancy summertime things to do. In spite of that little fact, I made a valiant attempt to cut as much grass today as humanly possible. My efforts were thwarted several times, once by a ride on mower that first ran out of gas, and then, after I'd dumped all the remaining gasoline in the little red gas can into its tank, the crazy machine decided not to run at all. I went to the barn and picked out a walk behind mower instead, pulled the string, and started off.

The thing about springtime grass is that it grows at an alarming rate. With three and a half acres of grass to our names, you might say that it often "gets away from us". We could probably run all of our mowers nonstop and just about keep up with the growth. Anyhow, it was still early in the day and I was feeling motivated, so back and forth I went across a small section of lawn with my whirring machine. Then, wouldn't you know it? My push mower ran out of gas too, and off I went to the gas station.

I started the day collecting large amounts of grass in the handy-dandy bag that hangs on the back of the push mower, emptying it into a large wheelbarrow every two or three minutes (literally). On my way to dump the first of my clippings behind the barn, I discovered one of my two wheelbarrow tires was flat. Who made that law that says, "If anything can go wrong, it will" anyway? Good thing this wheelbarrow has two tires.

Did I tell you we have a BIG yard? Well, thankfully I had someone who also decided to pull a walk behind mower out of the barn and help me out a bit. Together James and I managed to mow a large portion of this "sprawling estate" and I am happy to report it is looking much tamer, though not thoroughly domesticated. I am totally exhausted. Is it bedtime yet?


  1. Hey, did you newspaper arrive wet this morning??? hahahaha.

    Over three acres...that is a sprawling estate! Yes, spring grass grows very fast! Glad you got some help, too!

    1. You are funny! No, it did not arrive wet, and therefore I assumed it would be a great day. Honestly, it was a very nice day, just a very tiring day as well.

    2. Those kind of days we say that "Murph came along", meaning Murphy from Murphy's Law. haha.

  2. Good job!!!
    I had no idea your property was that large...
    How lucky you are...

    Linda :o)

    1. Linda, we are surrounded by apple orchards that belong to a local farmer. It has been a real blessing to live here and enjoy the countryside, but it's getting harder and harder to keep up with.