Monday, February 04, 2013

Monday, Monday

Monday, although actually the beginning of the week, is my Saturday. I still have to get up early for Emma's arrival, and I still find myself outside awaiting the school bus at the end of my driveway, but in many other ways it is my day off. Today the wind was frigidly bitter! Brain freeze without the ice cream!!! The windchill was all the way down to zero degrees (that's -17.7 Celsius). I was glad to run back inside after the bus arrived and find a cup of hot coffee.

Seeing as I have no small children for the duration of the day, I typically use the time to do some cleaning of one kind or another, unless Mom has an appointment... Today I cleaned and dusted Mom's room (way overdue), washed, dried, and folded laundry, and filled out an online medical history needed for Mom's upcoming cataract surgery. I also stole a half hour nap this afternoon. Perhaps that bitter bus stop wind sapped me of some energy. It's been a sleepy day.

After my nap I decided on a little bit of "travel", so I got online and looked up the webcam at Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia. (I was just "there" with my sweet mom in law the other day.) What a scene with the sun streaming through the clouds! No people milling about today, and no police cars arriving to shoo folks off the rocks and away from the pounding surf, just a beautiful calm sea, a shining sky, and sparkling snow. One day I'll visit for real. For today it was nice to be in my own warm house dreaming that I was there for real.


  1. oh, that web cam looks like a lot of fun! What a gorgeous shot of that lighthouse!

    I got brain freeze when I was outside last week! The windchills are amazing! I did a mountain of laundry was nice to stay home all day, favorite kind of day!

    1. Hats are a must with wind like we've had the past few days.

  2. Busy day here too. The sun was shinning, it was warm so I washed some windows inside and out. Changed the bed, washed the sheets, YMCA, and Zucc. bread in the oven. Hot shower, now I need to dry my hair. Love ya!

  3. Think I'll check out this webcam. In the spring, Gordon likes the eagle webcam and watches baby eagles until they fledge.

  4. It is lovely down there...
    Nova Scotia is a gorgeous province...
    You certainly had a productive day...
    Despite the cold...

    Linda :o)