Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Bit of Thinking

I've been thinking, but putting those thoughts into words is a bit of a challenge.

The "prickly episode" with my sister early this week left me troubled. I don't need any more relationship issues within my family, and we each have our own stress factors that leave us worn emotionally. It's the underlying pressures and expectations that turn us into porcupines, each prickling the other and feeling the pain of being prickled. In my search for some insight, I ran into this article which I think does a pretty good job of explaining what so many of us face on a regular basis. "I'm someone's porcupine. And so are you."
I found myself relieved that someone else out there had a way to explain just what I was feeling.

It's time to take off my "porcupine suit".


  1. How did I miss a few days here? :) I've read the other posts so now I'm caught up. Sorry about the pricklies. Hope you are both ok now. You need each other! :)

  2. Even though the content of your message is very serious, and something we all face from time to time, I have to say the little illustration of the porcupine is so cute!!!

  3. "I'm someone's porcupine. And so are you."

    Love that Martha!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I'll take mine off too, hate that thing. I love you, Marty, always will. XO

  5. My sister and I have not spoken since last Spring...
    She is 10 years younger than I...and it has always been a problem...
    She made some hurtful comments about a life decision that me and my family made...none of her business...didn't stop now, I am actually feels better with her out of my life....I know that is not your situation, but sure felt good to get this out...
    Thanks for listening...
    She could have made contact at Christmas and on my birthday, but she chose not to... goes on...with my boyfriend... all my great kids and of course wee Vivian...

    Have a great day Martha...didn't mean to drag you down...think we'll go for a beach is nearly noon and very chilly today...58 degrees...brrrrrrr...

    Linda :o)

    1. Linda, we all have prickles stuck under our skin. I hope you situation eventually improves. Prickles are not much fun.

      Hope you weather warms up again soon! We're getting a little "lake effect" today.