Thursday, February 07, 2013

And Then There Were Six...

My grandbaby collection is growing. I like to add one each year and since the infor- mation is now public, I can make an announce- ment. We are expecting our sixth grandchild in August and, in spite of the fact that the wedding is not until April, I am still very excited. Sometimes these things happen, but it's like I told my son, "Every baby deserves love and life. I never regretted my decision to give you both." I will soon have nearly as many grandchildren as children and, who knows, maybe by the end of the year I could have an even number of each.

My own babies were so cute, I decided to make a grandchild collage.

How's that? :)


  1. Oh Martha, I love your looks like a patch work quilt!

    Last night we talked to Jill on skype and saw the sonogram...little round head, little arms and hand, little fingers waving to grandma...I cried.

  2. I love both collages...each face tells a story and a chapter in your life! Wonderful!

  3. Great news, Martha...
    They are all beautiful...

    Linda :o)

    ps....snowed in???

    1. No, not yet. If the snow keeps falling like it is right now, light and steady, it may pile up eventually. And, it's right near freezing so it's bound to be slick out there. I'm staying home, but I don't have a choice. My husband took my vehicle again.

  4. Each grandchild- so precious and loved!

  5. Congratulations for the growing family!