Monday, October 22, 2012


Today I was informed that "Charlotte's Web" (the book) is 60 years old. Although I was unaware and didn't know to join in the celebration, I do have a very special visitor just outside my back door this year, and being familiar with both Charlotte and Wilbur, I have been very gracious and accommodating in spite of my ignorance concerning this anniversary of theirs.

Just outside my back door is a motion sensitive light that lights up our porch each evening. The light, of course, attracts every manner of insect and this year it also attracted the attention of one very "bright" spider. By day this creepy arachnid finds safety by hiding in a hanging grapevine wreath. By night it finds its fill of insects attracted to the light just above the wreath. Being the soft-hearted type, I have allowed this "small" (and I say that loosely) creature to dwell with us for the season.

I have learned that well fed spiders actually grow, that they can play dead (I thought it was once), and that they are pretty good at the camouflage game.  Back in early September I thought this was a fairly large spider, now it is just plain fat and sassy, and still pretty cool. I think I'll keep it around a little bit longer, maybe it'll scare the goblins away come Halloween.


  1. Wow, Charlotte's Web..50 years. Love your photography of your spider. Sounds like he's a friend. Probably eats some flies you don't want in your house.

    Nice post! Enjoyed reading it and taking a good look at your spider.

    1. Whoops! Did I say 50? It should be 60! I better fix that.

  2. I'm glad it wasn't the rat you found. ;)

    1. Yikes! Me too, Stacy. I wouldn't have been so kind to a rat.

  3. No thank you...
    Not that close to my door...
    He might "hitch" ride in on somebody's sleeve...
    Goodbye Spider...
    I don't care HOW old you are!!!
    You are truly a good soul let him live there that long...
    Did you read the other post I directed you to???

    Enjoy your evening...rainy and damp here...

    Linda :o)

  4. Interesting "spider" facts. I tend to kill them although we let the big trantula we found in our yard go.