Saturday, October 20, 2012

Addictions and Pushing the Wrong Button

I am addicted to autumn and antique shops. I love them both and think they go together splendidly. I found a delightful antique shop on my way through Macedon this morning. Hannah and I have passed it twice every Saturday on our way to and from soccer since August. It catches my eye every time, and today I decided to take a look inside the store. Sadly I left my camera in the van.

This afternoon I took Lake Rd to Webster and happened upon an estate sale along the way. I wandered in and out of barns and sheds full of dirty stuff until I discovered an old children's book. "The Tall Book Of Mother Goose" was hidden under a table just waiting for me to come along. One look at the illustrations and I tucked it under my arm. I didn't need to read the poems, I already know them by heart. Nothing else caught my fancy and soon my two dollar treasure and I were on the road again.

After doing some shopping and a little bit of lolly- gagging, I headed home. Some- where along the way I decided to call James. His number is programmed into my phone as "Husband". I pushed the button and listened to it ring on the other end. A woman's voice answered a cherry "hello". I thought quick! It sounded like Bethany, but why would she have James' phone? My brain was working today!!! "I dailed your number by accident," I told my friend on the other end, but it wasn't an apologetic explanation, instead I was excited. It was my good friend Heather on the other end. What a great surprise!

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! And the book is great! What a fun find! The illustrations are adorable!