Friday, May 04, 2012

Blossoms and Bees

In spite of the nasty spring and dour reports of lost fruit crops, the sprayers have been busy in the orchards surrounding our house. On spraying days there is the constant drone of far off sprayers, kind of like giant mosquitoes in the distance.

James and I went out for a walk last night. After listening to see where the tractors might be, we decided to venture south, across the road, and along the woods toward the pond just over the hill to the west. Rather than come straight home upon reaching the street, we took the old orchard road that leads back toward the lake and around behind our property. We were directly north of the house when we heard a parade of tractors enter the orchard from the main road, there must have been three or four. Not wanting to get caught in the spray, we made a direct "run" for the house, except we weren't really running. I had just reached the barn when I looked back toward the apple trees where a sprayer was shooting a cloud of spray. Whatever they are spraying doesn't smell and must be okay for the bees, however, I don't think I would like to find myself face to face with either the tractor or the sprayer. I was glad we beat the crowd and made it back home.

My blueberries are looking okay so far. The flowers haven't yet opened, a perk of being so close to the lake. Sometimes it keeps us warm, and sometimes it provides just enough cold to keep the blossoms from opening too early. I hear other local farmers were not so lucky. I must remember this while out picking at the end of July. If we have a berry crop, it will be a gift.

Apparently there is hope for Mr. Fox's apples too or I don't suppose he's be out there tending to them. I'm guessing that irruption of Red Admiral butterflies might also be good for the apple crop. I think they're helping the bees this year. They've been everywhere the past few days!


  1. irruption? or eruption? Yes, I did think about the butterflies aiding with the pollinating of the crops this spring. That and they are kinda pretty. :)

  2. I learned a new word while reading about the influx of butterflies yesterday. :)

    intr.v. ir·rupt·ed, ir·rupt·ing, ir·rupts
    1. To break or burst in.
    2. Ecology To increase rapidly and irregularly in number

  3. Aren't you glad the spray doesn't smell bad? That would be...well, bad! haha.
    I'm glad you showed the blueberry before it blooms...I've never seen that before! I really should plant a few!