Sunday, October 06, 2013

What Did You Expect?

I thought it was supposed to rain today, and since it is October, I thought it would be chilly. It was not the least bit chilly, which is probably why my feet are crying out for flip flops, and it didn't pour all day like I expected. We had times of rain with bits of sunshine sandwiched in between.

Since I had "October" in mind, I made a pot of chili after church and flopped down on the couch for a nap. Even though I never moved, it wasn't very restful, as there was a football game on television, the phone rang, and someone knocked on the back door. Although I didn't feel particularly productive today, I did manage to get meals together and spend much time washing dishes and trying to clean up. I even cleaned out my fridge and can fit the leftover chili inside.

On my way home from dropping Hannah off at church this evening I witnessed a flying deer. It had been grazing in someone's yard when it got spooked and ran into the road where
a lady clipped it with the side of her car. The sight of it flying so high through the air is still surreal in my mind. Thankfully, the woman's car looked okay and was very drivable, but her side mirror was broken and she thought she might have glass in her eye. It could have been so much worse because there was another couple on motorcycle passing through at the same time and no one was seriously hurt but the deer.


  1. It poured rain all day here and by evening had turned quite chilly! I may have to make chili since it's so chilly. ha.

    Scary about the deer!

    1. I like chili best when it's chilly.
      Oh, dear, about the deer.

      (And feet feats, and tail tales...)

  2. It was like Florida out!
    Praise God the deer accident wasn't much worse!!! They are everywhere 'down south' here.

    1. It was very much like Florida! This morning it is still feeling Florida-ish. It's very dark and looking like rain should come pouring down any second.
      Maybe I should crawl back in bed. ;)