Monday, October 14, 2013

Another Change of Plans...

... but not a change of scenery.

Our picture taking excursion has been foiled again. It rained most of the night and this morning the world outside my door was wet and soggy. The sun hid its face and we decided perhaps we didn't really want to take photos in the rain.

I had slept late and Mom was sleeping too. The house was dark and quiet when I decided to stay home, do some laundry, and make the place smell yummy. I popped a small roast beef into the crock pot along with some potatoes, carrots, and onion soup mix. It's an easy dinner but looks, smells, and tastes like I slaved over it. I wasn't surprised when Priscilla showed up late morning as she had planned to stay with Mom while I was gone out. While she worked on some lesson plans for school tomorrow, I assembled two apple pies and she got to take one home with her this afternoon.

The house smells like "Grand- ma's" and James should be home before too long. Maybe I ought to finish folding the laundry...

The pictures of from yesterday; waterfalls, wet feet, and pretty fall scenery.


  1. Ahhhhhh...flip-flops!!!
    I also had flip-flopped feet this weekend!
    The cottage was brilliant....
    We had rain yesterday...
    For our Turkey....but,today was sunny...

    Linda :o)

    1. My jeans were wet almost up to my knees, along with my left backside. By the time we climbed back into the van I was ready for a nap and my feet and legs felt as though they'd had a great workout.
      Yeah for sun today!

  2. Warm here today too...had my flipflops on too. Your dinner is one of my favorites. I used to do a roast every Sunday..thus all our kids said the house smells like Sunday when a roast is cooking.
    I have a small bag of pear/apples from our trip..might must make something tomorrow.

    1. I think my flip flop days are numbered,,, but they sure were nice on Sunday.

      I wonder what you will make out of those pears and apples? A crisp maybe?