Sunday, October 06, 2013

Some of My Favorites

As I rummaged around on Facebook yesterday morning, a message from my son Josiah, popped up on the screen. "Hello?" he said, and went on to inquire as to my plans for the day. We both had plans that included a drive to Webster and agreed to meet for lunch around 12:30 or so. Hannah and I ran our errands and when 12:30 rolled around, I gave him a call. (I guess I like my cell phone after all...) As luck would have it, he was just across the parking lot in the same plaza. We decided it was a Panera Bread kind of day and met there just a few minutes later. I had the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad (because it looked fairly gluten free) and enjoyed it very much, but mostly I enjoyed a relaxed moment with two of my favorite people.

Hannah and I had just left Joann Fabric's when the phone in my pocket sounded. It was my other favorite daughter. "Where are you?" she asked, hoping that perhaps we might be willing to stop for a visit. We soon found ourselves greeting Captain America, hugging a small boy, and talking over a cup of hot tea. When we finally left for the grocery store, we took Beth along and did our shopping together. By the time we returned home it was a little after 5 pm.

If you will, keep my mom in your prayers. Her iron level is low and the anemia is causing her to be even more tired than she normally is. Even normal everyday things like getting dressed or undressed appear to sap all of her energy. I asked her how she was when I came home yesterday and she said, "Not good," but her only explanation of why she's not good is that she's "getting old" and she's tired. I am helpless to help her.


  1. A fun day of spontaneity! Very nice.


    1. The day was better than if I had planned it.

      Thank you.

  2. Sounds like a fantabulous day!

  3. Replies
    1. I believe I may have. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I go the other way.