Saturday, October 12, 2013

Girls on Horses

Hannah is leaving us for a week, maybe a little bit longer. She is going on a mission trip of sorts, a trip to NY City to help a friend who needs to see a doctor at the Chiari Institute on Long Island. She won't be taking in the city sights and scenes. She's making a sacrifice to help and I'm proud of her for that. She's packed her school work and a book or two to read. I've purchased some snacks and borrowed an air mattress. She'll be taking my cell phone along so we can reach her and she can reach us.

Because she won't be home for the next week to ten days, I agreed to take her and her friend Kelly (a different friend) out to horseback riding lessons this past Thursday. It was a beautiful afternoon, perfect for riding and perfect for taking pictures.

We bought another couple packages of peppermints on the way and all the animals decided to be friends with us. Of course, Mack is already friends with Hannah.


  1. :) I'll miss you Hannah! Next time, I will go to horseback riding too.

  2. Hope she has a wonderful time. Good for her!