Saturday, October 19, 2013

Today is Saturday

Today's weather was not sour. It was another beautiful fall day, not as sunny as yesterday but still nice. Of course, I did not go kayaking. It wasn't in the plan. I did go out to Webster though, and I found a cool estate sale with a bunch of antiques.  Lots of glassware; plates, teacups, china sets, more plates, this, that and the other thing. Most of it was pricey, but I did enjoy looking and I did buy something. I'm not sure it's an antique, but I liked it anyway. No photos because it might turn into a gift... if I can bear to part with it. Instead you get some more photos from yesterday.

Prayers for my mom would be appreciated. If I don't bring her meals, she doesn't bother to eat.  She is so very tired and I don't know how to help her.


  1. the estate sale sounds fun...and how neat that something jumped into your arms and said take me home! lol...

    hope you can figure out how to help your mom...must feel awful to be that tired all the time.

    1. It was an interesting sale. Someone was a great collector of "collector's items". I thought about cookie plates, but everything there was too fancy and too expensive as well. Better off to check Goodwill, me thinks.

      I am helpless, but not without hope.

  2. I love turning finds like that into gifts...only if you can depart with it. I have to admit I've given away something, and then wished I had it back. Confession is good for the soul.
    Feel so bad for your mom. Wish I had some good advice. We had to fix all of Trula's meals as she would forget to eat, and we couldn't trust her around the stove. I do hope it gets better for you.

    1. Wanda, truth be told, I think I will keep these two items. I think I love them. :)

  3. I feel so badly when I read about your mother. I don't know
    how she can get out of bed, much less navigate stairs and
    make her own food. She is in the same condition I am in and
    I can't do that.
    I don't think I would give her iron on an empty stomach or
    any at all. If she would eat three poached egg yolks per day that would take care of the iron. Spoon feed her in
    bed if she can't get up. Make sure her oxygen concentrator is getting the amount of oxygen the doctor
    has prescribed to her lungs. If it has a humidifier make
    sure it is filled with distilled water and working to keep
    her nasal passages moisturized to lessen the bleeding.
    I will pray for her.

    1. Joy, I thank you for the prayers.
      Mom hasn't done any cooking in about four years (she used to make the best poached eggs!), but we do have an ample supply of yogurt in the fridge and lots of apples. She used to take them on her own or get a bowl of cereal, but she's stopped doing that recently. She has a large container of raisins on her table, but I think she mostly feeds them to the little girl I babysit. I give her the iron supplements, ordered by her doctor, with dinner, never on an empty stomach. She only has to navigate the stairs once or twice a week when I help her with a shower, and that hasn't been a problem until the past few weeks. I am looking into possible solutions to some of these issues, but as for her nose bleeds, it has more to do with digital trauma than the oxygen or oxygen cannula.
      It's been a tough journey for all of us, but God has a plan and one day we will have a clearer understanding of exactly what that it.
      Again, thank you for your prayers. They are much appreciated.