Thursday, April 25, 2013

Taking Off

It's almost time, almost time to pile into the car and take that ride to the airport. We are going to Minnesota! Some of us have already begun the journey. Dave and Leta, along with Lucas and Josiah, left yesterday morning. They're driving. Bethany and Jacob flew off this morning in time to attend Michele's Bridal Luncheon, and another eight of us will meet up at the airport tomorrow morning and arrive in Minneapolis around 9:30 am. We're going to a wedding!

We'll only be gone four days, but with how my head is spinning, you'd think it was much longer. My mom and Sofie are going to stay with Rachel, and I've made arrangements for Jasmine (my three-legged dog) to stay with Martin. That's where she goes when she gets tired of the shenanigans here at home. She decided long ago that Martin is a pretty cool guy to hang out with and, although there is just a twinge of jealousy, we mostly let her visit him at will. My cats can take care of themselves for a few days as long as I leave enough food and fill up the fishbowl.

I scarcely know today whether to be stressed out over preparations or to relax and enjoy the ride. (Actually, I do know. The question is how to relax and still get it all done.) I am anticipating a wonderful weekend and I'm sure there will be some fun pictures when we get back. One, two, three, go!


  1. You will be fine...
    Relax... you said..."enjoy the ride!!"
    Have a wonderful time, Martha...
    Looking forward to the pictures...
    Dance with your boyfriend!!!

    Linda :o)

    1. We're almost packed. I'm a late packer and that is a bad thing because the zipper on our bag is broken. Hm, I hope Ben is still near enough a store to stop and buy one.

  2. I could have brought you one to borrow if I had known. I hope you have a wonderful time! Your dog is settling in quite nicely already. She's only had to put Koty in his place a couple of times. :) She is snuggled next to Mom in the chair, taking a rest while Mom does a word search.

    1. As long as Mom is there, Sofie will be happy (and vise versa)..

      James did get the bag closed with the second zipper. Maybe Ben will bring a new one home, whenever that will be.

  3. She seems to ONLY want to snuggle with Mom. I think it's cute. :)

  4. I feel a twinge of jealousy that I am not going to MN as well. :(