Thursday, April 11, 2013

Relax and Enjoy

It's cold outside, but most of you probably don't need me to tell you that. The icy rain has arrived in western NY and I've got a fire (probably the last of the season) started in the wood stove. "Relax and enjoy."

I have one small flower dancing about the house today. She's been scratched by the cat (not good...) and is now proudly showing her battle wounds to Grandma. I can hardly wait until her daddy comes... (read sarcasm here). She's told me already that I am the queen and she and Grandma are the princesses. She has a small plastic, curly haired doll who she's named "Pahvala", and very nice little "baby" lion who has been an almost constant companion the past few days. "Relax and enjoy, relax and enjoy."

Oreo is looking out the window. I thought perhaps he was watching some birds hop about in the cold rain, but there is nothing out there but wet, dead leaves. "Relax and enjoy."

I've got my cup of coffee here in a snowman cup. It seemed a good choice for today... If I forget it's April ("Relax and enjoy") and just listen to the endless chatter of one small child, I may find myself not so stressed by the end of the day. I may even find myself smiling.

PS. Thanks, Betsy. :0)

PPS. Listening to Rocky torment Grandma... "Relax and enjoy." ;0)


  1. You're so cute! Ah, but this is advise I have to give myself a LOT. I find that when I'm anxious I have to stop and ask myself why...and if I acknowledge that and try to take a deep breath and just enjoy what is right in front of me (usually boys!) that it makes a world of difference. I get cranky and frustrated if I feel pulled in too many directions or try to multitask in an unreasonable way. It's kind of a daily lesson to be learned over and over. haha.

    That little flower is adorable! I always have a scratch or two. haha.

    We had rain but no ice. I hear the bad stuff is on it's way, though.

    1. I've done a little too much relaxing today, but I did enjoy it. :)

      Yes, cute flower, and she has much to say about life. In fact, is she isn't asleep, she's talking.

      My son, who is having an outdoor wedding in two weeks, was shoveling snow from his driveway in Minneapolis this morning.

    2. oh outdoor wedding in WI in April? That is very optimistic! lol. I think that would be optimistic for Ohio! I hope the snow is melted by then! You might have to say "relax and enjoy" a few times! haha.

    3. Minnesota, but yes. I guess most other years it's been pretty nice by the end of April. If the forecast holds, it'll be in the mid sixties. We'll see. Maybe we'll end up in the barn instead.