Friday, April 19, 2013

Going Green and Family Connections

We've had a bit of rain this past week and as suspected, it turned our world green, or at least got the process in motion. No longer does the grass look brown and lifeless. Instead we have a green, grass carpet with multitudes of daffodils scattering spots of sunshine throughout. Warm temperatures have encouraged trees and bushes to bud too and soon we will have an entire world that is green and growing. If only my allergies to everything green and growing didn't leave me sprawled on the couch with throbbing ears and aching eyes. Ah well, I have recently built up my allergy arsenal. Hopefully that nasal spray kicks in and starts working soon.

Every once in a while I go on an internet ancestry search and such was the case yesterday. I was looking for information on my great grandfather, Joseph Edson Shafer, when I stumbled across a memorial page for his sister Hattie. I found a little bit of my own grandma staring back at me in her face. I learned that Hattie had lost a son in the first world war and traveled to France a few years prior to her own death to visit his grave. I sent an email to an address on the listing, and a few of my own photographs, including a photo of Hattie in France, and received a note back this morning from a very distant cousin.


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    1. She looks much nicer in this picture than the few others I've seen. I think I like her. :)

  2. Well that is very cool! How fun! I think I like her, too! :)

    1. The internet makes distant family connections entirely possible.

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    1. And now I am into finding old hometown newspaper articles... Always into something silly, aren't I?