Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pink or Blue?

We had a nice little party over at Bethany's house last night. There was a mystery to be solved and we were all there to find out the secret. Adam had the answer, and he shared it with Aunt Rachel who then baked a cake. Hannah and I decorated the cake, but didn't know the answer. (Do you know it is next to impossible to find neutral decorations for a baby cake? We had no time to waste and decided to make our own... with saltwater taffy I softened in the microwave.)

Bethany, the lover of parties, made little flags and blew up balloons for the occasion. She invited guests and bought ice cream. She colored plain white sugar pink and blue. She held a vote and each attendee picked a flag; pink for a girl baby and blue for a boy. Adam and Aunt Rachel's family abstained from voting, but Bethany gave them each a flag to wave. Her choice, of course. Bethany cut the cake as we waved our flags and cheered. Okay, so maybe we didn't really....

I hoped for pink... and prepared myself for blue....

In September we will welcome another little hockey player into the family, and Joshua will have a new baby brother. I do love little boys. Good thing.  :)


  1. "I hoped for pink... and prepared myself for blue...."

    Honestly, that was me. I tried my best not to think of those little dresses while I cut pieces of cake for my guests. The thought of having two little boys is growing on me more and more as time goes by. It'll be so much fun! (Besides, I love load dinosaur noises and dirty faces...)

  2. Congratulations in Blue....What a Clever way to share the news.

    Josh will be a great big brother!

  3. Little boys sure are fun and so cute!!

  4. They really are fun. I had to accept the fact that I would never have a little girl when I couldn't talk Uncle Dave into us having one more. I am very happy and blessed to have 2 boys. God is good and He knows best!

  5. Oops! I was thinking this was Bethany's blog after I read her comment above. Got a little confused for a second, haha!

  6. I still read the comment... Boys are fun!

  7. What a great idea for a party!
    Yes, little boys are so much fun! (and bigger boys, too, haha)

  8. It really was a cute idea for a party, and a fun way to find out what "color" baby to expect. :)


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