Monday, February 01, 2010

Monday's Children

But Jesus called them to Him and said, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God." Luke 18:16

Mondays are never dull, in fact they are full of activity. I don't have to drag little girls out into the snow or leave them at preschool, instead they play here in my living room. This morning I sat here at my computer and listened to them play. "Look, Martha," one of them called, "I'm having a baby!" Some sort of doll or stuffed animal made a bulge under her shirt. "Look, Martha, I'm having a..." said the second as she hesitated and took a peek down the front of her shirt through the neckhole. I laughed. I remembered days long past when my little friends and I would play the same game.

Toys are strewn across the living room; Fisher Price, Beanie Babies, stuffed animals, toy boats and little plastic cups. They have called each other "Darling" and "Sweetie", driven the car to the store, cooked up something to eat, and "burned" their fingers. They have laughed hysterically, been best of friends, and threatened each other with "I'm not going to play". They have taken socks on and off, traded shoes, and pretended Hannah was their Mommy.

I shudder to think how often when my own children were small, I looked around at the toys scattered across my floor and thought of them as nothing more than a mess. To see them as jewels and treasures puts things in a whole different perspective. Though there comes a time when I want the toys picked up and put in their places, I can actually look at the "mess" and smile. What would I do without these little ones to brighten up my days?


  1. Sometimes children play the most hideous games. This morning they were "cooking boys" who they find rather revolting most of the time. I fed them lunch and finally told them it was time to pick up. Em found one of the little people and said to Bella, "It's a boy. He's been cooking a long time. He's burnt." Though I think it an absolutely horrid game, I couldn't help but laugh. Guess it was just rather unexpected.

  2. This made me laugh quietly to myself...until I read your comment I'm roaring out loud with laughter! Funny...those boys will have cooties for a few more years yet, won't they!

  3. Oh I laughing too. Don't I remember these conversations with ours were little.

    Love the dog and cat on the couch together.

    What darling little girls...

  4. well told and isn't maturity a fun thing?