Thursday, January 14, 2010


We are having a heatwave! I just checked the local temperature and it says 42 degrees F. Apparently the temperatures are forecast to be in the 30's and 40' for the next several days. Most likely the houses with "winter hangovers" will soon be relieved of their burdens. Good thing I took my camera along with me this morning. There were a good many snowflows like this in town.

Not much need for curtains when the windows are blocked by glaciers. It would be interesting to see how these curtains of snow form. I'm imagining when we get a heavy snow it just "flows" slowly off the roof. Had I been out for a walk I would have taken more pictures, but stopping along the side of busy roads lined with three foot snowbanks didn't seem terribly wise.

Most of the houses without "hangovers" are fringed with icicles, some reaching all the way from the roof to the ground! The sun was shining today and I had a good opportunity for capturing some great winter shots but I have been struggling with a cold, so I opted not to linger in the village and headed back toward home where I fell asleep in my blue chair.

Though Shelly's house has some pretty impressive icicles, they don't compare to some of the others I saw dangling from rooftops today. In another few days, much of the snow and ice will melt and we'll be ready for the next major snowstorm.

No Bella tomorrow, she has pneumonia. I have a suspicion that Emma may be cooking something too. They have been coughing, along with all the other preschoolers, since well before Christmas.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, huh?! Looks like mini avalanches about to happen! Make sure you aren't standing under any of those hangovers when they drop! LOL. Can't believe the icecicles are that tall either.

  2. I remember when Jason and I came to NY, and Canada when he was young. I will never forget all the snow, and the icesickles that grew until they reached the ground, and closed the buildings. I think it is beautiful, I am glad you use the camera so much. It makes me feel closer to you.

  3. Martha ~~ I can see your pictures, but no narative and now wall paper...maybe it's my computer.

    The pictures are awesome... I've never seen icecicles that long...


  4. One of those hangovers has been plaguing my front steps.. the snow of the sunny roof melts and freezes to those shady steps. Our 40 degree weather (like yours) has been a blessings.. the snow on the roof is gone.