Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Feeding the Monkeys

Lunchtime for little girls can prove to be a challenge. It seems there is always someone who doesn't like something. I have given up asking them what they would like and have instead taken to looking in the cupboard and putting together something that looks fun and at least remotely healthy. This week the mommies both brought a bag of groceries which makes the job just a little bit easier.

Today the girls ate pear flavored applesauce, macaroni and cheese, "Crunchies", and milk. Somehow I managed to color coordinate everything today; jungle monkey plates, green cups, and green applesauce. Yeah, most days I really do think this job is kind of fun. Maybe tomorrow I'll let them eat off the ladybug plates. :)


  1. You make lunch so fun. I love those animal paper plates. I'm only sad our grandkids have gotten to big to enjoy that.

    Waiting for those little great grandsons to be big enough to come stay with GG.

  2. Can I come over for lunch on a monkey plate too? ;)

  3. What kid would complain about that lunch?

  4. A green table spread and pink outfits! :)

  5. Wheres the veg?
    just saying... :0)

  6. They had applesauce. It's from the "fruit and vegetable" group, Judi. Besides, I said "reasonably" healthy.

    Rachel, you come over and I'll serve you lunch on a monkey plate. Would you like some green applesauce too?

    Yes, Betsy, I thought it very colorful. :)

    Priscilla, I didn't hear any complaints today.

    Wanda, these are little plastic plates. Washable! Aren't they cute?

  7. I agree with Rachel, but can I have mine on a ladybug plate?

  8. Sherri, I'm just waiting for ya!