Friday, January 15, 2010

A Down Day

Yesterday I was tired. I couldn't even muster up the energy to keep my eyes open and once I returned home from dropping children off at preschool, I went to sleep in my chair by the fire. A while later the couch seemed a better place to sleep and I did so until it was time to retrieve the girls and bring them home for lunch. I was quite certain sleep would be out of the question for the afternoon, but I found myself once again curled up in a ball with my eyes closed. By evening my muscles were feeling achy in addition to the sneezing and congestion that had been sneaking in. Ibuprofen is my friend today and though I am still sleepy and congested, at least I am not achy.

My mom went to visit her doctor this afternoon. She has been coughing and can't quite shake whatever has been ailing her. Rachel tells me she has bronchitis. Bronchitis and lung issues do not go well together, but the doctor gave her some medicine and hopefully she will be feeling like herself again in a few days. For now I am keeping my distance as I do not wish to bring a new illness into the mix.

The house has been quiet this evening. James is gone out with the kids and I am here alone, aside from my dogs who at times are quite obnoxiously loud.


  1. I hope Grandma feels better soon. :(

  2. Sometimes the only place that feels good is laying curled up in a warm place. So glad you found a little time to nap between your Pick up schedules.

    I really like the picture of you and your soft and warm.

    Please take care, take naps, and get well soon. You are loved!!

    Thanks for your comment on Aunt Cassie on the Art Blog. She was like a mother to me after I lost my own.


  3. I'm glad Mom went to the Dr today. She commented to me how she feels like she's slowing down. I've noticed that she doesn't seem to talk as much either, not as much energy I guess. Again, I'm so glad for Dave and Leta's presence with her in her home, that is such a HUGE blessing to all of us.

  4. Rachel, be sure to let Leta know how much she is appreciated. Sometimes living at Grandma's is hard for her.

  5. get well little sweety, who's gona bake those pies?
    Your in my thought and prayers right now.

  6. I did let her know at first, but I guess I haven't for a while now. I'll tell her. I'm sure it's not easy for them at times.

  7. Hope you both feel better soon. Curling up by the fire has got to help a little! :)