Friday, January 29, 2010

Off to Work

My children are growing up. This week Ben got a job washing dishes in that "little diner" up in town, the one where his sister hangs out occasionally. Today he had the dreaded physical and we picked up a work permit at the high school afterward. All those years of washing dishes at home have paid off. Nothing like having a little experience (and a sister who is friends with the boss).

Hannah has been helping me out with the girls, Josh or Lucas if and when they come over, and little Vinnie who comes one afternoon a week. I agreed to pay her a little something for her efforts. Today she stayed here with Emma (and James) and played "Little People" and Playdough while I was gone with Ben. I hope she doesn't get too lonely without him around.


  1. Hot dog! I'm so glad he took my advice and went up there. Mary will more than enjoy having him work there. He'll do okay as long as he keeps his nose clean.


  2. Hot dog! Steven would like a job too, but I think he needs to wait until summer. He gets way too much homework.

  3. Good for Ben!! I remember our kids first jobs. Both Michel and Julie has jobs at "Taco Quickie", Funny the owners name was Quickie, so it didn't mean quick tacos!!

    My first job as a teenager was cutting apricots in the orchards for drying.