Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Muffins and Mittens

Hannah surprised me this afternoon when she showed me a boxed muffin mix and asked if she could make them. Cranberry orange! Although I have always enjoyed baking, it is not one of my dear daughter's favorite pastimes. I smiled and said, "Of course!" I love cranberry orange muffins.

My Darling surprised me the other day too. He made me a Mitten Tree for drying hats and coats by the wood stove. (I dressed it up for the photo.) This would have come in very handy a few years ago when my house was full of children who loved the snow, but I know it will still be helpful now as large gloves and mittens get wet too. I think it's a rather ingenious invention even if I did come up with it myself.


  1. I'm glad to see you got your mitten tree! :)

    Maybe Hannah won't mind baking so much after all, especially if the fruits of her labor are as yummy as those muffins look!

  2. I love muffins! Cranberry orange is a great combination! yum!
    That mitten tree is adorable! What a great idea! Those little tiny pairs are adorable, too.

  3. Audra is not into baking either.

  4. the beautiful coat rack he made for me is sooo usefull. Everyone that comes into the house gets to hang their clothes there and always remarks about how beautiful it is..I miss it!

  5. Mom, just enjoy that beautiful baby while you have the chance. You'll be hanging up coats soon enough.