Sunday, January 10, 2010

White as Snow

by Leon Olguin/ Kelly Willard
White as snow, white as snow
Though my sins were as scarlet
Lord, I know, Lord, I know
That I'm clean and forgiven

Through the power of Your blood
Through the wonder of Your love
Through faith in You
I know that I can be
White as snow

Though I am not a big fan of cold weather, there is an unmatched beauty in a snow covered landscape. Freshly fallen snow is nothing short of enchanting, especially deep, fresh snow.

The fence by Mom's driveway caught my eye this morning. The snow clung to the fence, yet drooped over the edges. I like to refer to it as a "winter hangover". There has been enough moisture to stick the snowflakes together, yet not enough to turn them into an icy crust.

I found these loops especially interesting. The snow has actually fallen off the fence railing and looks almost like a hanging ribbon. "The power of God..." He can take the tiniest of snowflakes, gather them together, and fashion incredible snow sculptures. If I'm willing to take a close look, I find that although snow is always cold, it is rarely boring.


  1. I love the snow. I think it is because we rarely see it here. It is truly majestic. I love your photography. It makes me feel like I am right there, or that it is intising me to come visit. Isn't He amazing. From The way the clouds form shapes, to the shape of a snow drift, He is so creative.

  2. You have a good eye for God's beauty in nature and in people.

  3. Our snow here in Ohio looks just like yours. It is beautiful!