Saturday, January 09, 2010


Now that James has replaced my CD drawer...

Allen, the first one is for you. I'm just sorry I don't have a better copy of the whole song.


  1. I can't play the 2nd one, it says, "Error, try again later". I love the 1st one though.

  2. Allen wanted to know if there was a video of Grandpa howling at the end of The Fox song, so here it is. :)

    I deleted the second. It was at the Christmas tea last year. Maybe I'll try it again later when it actually plays for me on Youtube.

  3. I had a dream last night and in it I saw an article written about Grandpa. Then, in the dream, I started sobbing uncontrollably. Today, I miss him lots.

  4. I'll make sure he sees this. He hasn't been on the computer in forever.