Friday, January 22, 2010

The Babysitter Test 2

One of my "little darlings" brought two princess dresses today so that she and her friend could play dress-up. It had already been a rather loud kind of morning as these two small girls have only one volume to their voices. "You're too loud," I would say. They would look at me and continue on with their game, voices as loud and shrill as only the moment before.

Not long before lunch they decided to transform themselves into princesses. Bella wore the pink dress and Emma the blue. They twirled around, each exclaiming how beautiful they were, and spoke of who was going to marry who. (They don't quite understand that in order for a princess to marry, she must have a prince. They, in their little girl way, are not very fond of boys who only mean trouble for little girls...)

The princesses dined on grilled cheese and applesauce for lunch and afterward were busy picking up toys when one suddenly needed to go potty. I pulled her gorgeous gown up over head and sent her to the bathroom. No sooner had she closed the door than hideous screams emanated from the other side. I couldn't imagine what had happened but it sounded like she was in agony. I investigated. I found a crying child standing atop the step stool, pants around her knees, and a puddle on the floor. She was devastated.

While I knew her wet clothing needed to be removed, I knew not what to put on the child. I have no extra clothes for little girls and the extra pj's that once waited in my closet had been given to Josh for Christmas. She could not run about the house naked, nor could she sit in the bathroom until her clothes were clean and dry. I ran downstairs, threw her clothes into the washer along with whatever was left in my laundry tub and racked my brain for what to put on the child. The Princess dress. It was all that I had, it belonged to her and it would keep her covered while we read our stories and she took a nap.

Her mommy should be here soon and by then her clothes will be clean and dry. Another "Babysitter Test" passed! Phew!


  1. once a mom, always a mom . you can say babysitter but it still was a mom save. :o)

  2. Hmmm. Sounds like you need to put a few extra clothes in your closet.

  3. Yes, Priscilla. I think I will buy a pair or two of gray or blue sweat pants and a package of gender neutral undies. After all, I do have grandchildren.

  4. Poor little thing! Good thing for Princess dresses. :)