Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Although I considered it last year, I did not visit any graves, plant any flags, or attend any parades this Memorial Day. I was up in town early this morning and the streets were quiet. No parade in Williamson today. Our parade is on the traditional Memorial Day, May 30. When we lived in town we could always run outside as soon as the parade started because we lived right near the American Legion.

I am grateful to all our soldiers and sailors. They have sacrificed much to protect and retain the freedoms we have enjoyed all our lives. In a day and age when those freedoms are slowly being stripped away, I am even more thankful. I am grateful for the legacy our forefathers endeavored to leave behind; scriptures etched in stone, carved into the walls of state and federal edifices. Our men and women fought not only for our right to live free, but to love, honor, and obey the God who "created all men equal".


  1. Martha - any thoughts on how to convey this well, to a child. My father was so gifted in sharing things with me; he was a vet. My kids don't have that. I try to explain the idea of soldiers and fighting for freedom and it is so lost on them.
    I'd love any insight you come up with!

  2. Stacy, I'll think on it and see if I come up with any great ideas.