Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Quiet Evening

Although the house seems unusually quiet this evening and I miss my little grandson, I am ever so thankful that my son in law and daughter returned home safe this afternoon. They are healthy and whole, not laying in far away hospital beds (or worse), able to walk, talk, and take care of their little boy. We are blessed.

It was a beautiful week and flew by so quickly. Josh had the pleasure of going shopping with Hannah and I this afternoon. (Don't all little boys love traipsing through the store?) We stopped at two banks, Walmart, K Mart, Kohl's and Wegaman's. When we returned home, Ben was mowing the lawn and "Buppa" was running the chainsaw, both things little boys find fascinating. Just look at that sawdust fly!

The day was too nice to spend inside so we walked about the yard and watched the guys work. There were dandelions to be picked and stones to be tossed. I even gave Josh a wagon ride down and around the driveway several times and Hannah took him for a ride on the swing. All fun stuff.

So, now the week is over and Hannah will sleep in her own room again. She had been camping out on the extra bed in Ben's room so as not to wake up her little nephew. Or was it so as not to be woken up by him? Okay, so maybe it was a little of each... Tomorrow morning we go back to church and guess who we can't wait to see?


  1. He is so precious, I know you enjoyed having him with you.

    We are thankful along with you regarding your daughter and son-in-law being home safely.

    Have a blessed Lord's day tomorrow.

  2. Glad you had fun with Josh. I was hoping to make it over that way this week, but had to work 3 days. The 2 I had off were busy between doing stuff here, visiting mom, and getting allergy shots. :(

  3. Martha - did you get an email from me?

  4. Glad to have shared him with you> And glad he had fun> Though he missed you terribly today! I"m pretty sure he wants to live at Gramma"s house>>> I like the pictures!

    (stupid computer problems)

  5. LOL!! They always want to live at Grandma's house!

  6. Bethany, my boys have always wanted to live at their Gramma's house...I think.