Saturday, May 09, 2009

Kickin' Up

The day started out bright and sunny but once I rolled out of bed (I won't tell you what time it was...) the clouds started to roll in. It didn't actually start to rain until well into the afternoon and I had a chance to see a bit of sunshine. I even weeded a small portion of my flower garden and took a walk around back to pull some unwanteds from my veggie patch too. The flower garden is an overwhelming job but the vegetable garden is a definite possibility.

While Hannah and I were pulling weeds and burning off old dry leaves, the wind kicked up and the temperatures started to fall. It's been a windy afternoon and evening. Such is life in this little part of the country and this is why we don't put in fragile vegetable plants until well into May. The tomatoes and peppers will be ready to set in a week or two. That will give me time to clean out those weed infested garden boxes.


  1. I love bleeding hearts! Those are so pretty.

  2. Perfect for Mother's Day, and a happy one to you!