Wednesday, May 20, 2009

As the Cottonwood Flies

I love warm weather, I love sunshine, and I love being outdoors, however being outside when the cottonwood flies leaves me feeling sneezy, spacey, and sleepy. Such will be my lot for the next few weeks. The aches and sneezing will gradually subside and I will actually enjoy working in my gardens. Maybe by then the task won't appear so tremendously daunting.

My dear son, Dave, has delivered some new plants for my gardens; a pair of peonies and two white bleeding hearts. A few weeks ago I mentioned how every year when my peonies came up at our old house, one of my children would come along with a stick and slash them down. The poor plants eventually gave up and died. I never knew exactly who it was until a smiling young man brought his mom some new ones yesterday morning. And the bleeding hearts? Well, who doesn't love this beautiful spring flower? The white ones are especially pretty! Now if only I could find myself a full time gardener who won't run off and get married on me...


  1. Is that a white lilac? pretty, take you allergy meds. Be happy you don't have worse, like diabetes, Parkinson's, congestive heart failure, deafness, blindness to name a few. hugs, Gmj

  2. How nice of Dave to bring you some plants! Do Ben and Hannah like to garden?
    Sorry about your allergies. The meds aren't working?

  3. Yes, Judi, that is a white lilac. It is very pretty. I also have purple ones and they all smell wonderful. I am keeping a better distance from them this year.

    I am taking the allergy meds and using a Nettipot every once in a while, like today when my nose itched so bad I couldn't stand it. I am be thankful for not having worse.

    Rachel, Hannah is not much into gardening and I am not much into "pulling teeth". ;)

  4. All my sympathies for your allergies! I have been that way all my life and I have never enjoyed Spring.

    I know your flowers are going to be lovely and you sound like you and your son are enjoying the time together.


  5. Thank you, Joy, for understanding.

    I would much prefer to just enjoy spring without the allergies, and there were several years when I had injections where I fared much better than today. I am thankful for those years.

  6. Very nice!
    Sorry to hear that you are an allergy sufferer. I feel it a little, but thankfully not so much.