Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Diggin' In the Dirt

I will fall into bed exhausted tonight. It has been a full day. The back porch has been swept and set up for summer. It's time to break out the iced tea!

I went to Ladies' Prayer at church this morning. It is one thing I very much look forward to each week; a time to give God honor for Who He is, to thank Him for His blessings, and to bring our prayers and supplications before Him. There is so much to pray about... I know I can pray at home too, but there is something about doing it as a group that really blesses me and there is power in agreeing together. Yes, Tuesday is quickly becoming one of my favorite days.

I did not stay for Bible study this morning. I had a visitor waiting for me when I arrived home. Jim was here setting up his computer so he can work while he is home, and I knew Dave would be coming around lunchtime. I called Bethany to let her know, and Josiah came too. I had a full house even without James, Nate and Hannah! We enjoyed salad and sandwiches together.

When we finished eating, the dishes were abandoned in the sink and on the counter while Bethany and I pulled weeds and trimmed bushes. I had planned to pot jade plants but at Bethany's suggestion we decided to dig all the plants out of a small garden section, stir up the dirt, and return the desired plants once the garden was freshened up. After a long winter inside the house, gardening can be tough work! Josh was more than eager to help, of course.


  1. Oh Martha, I'm so far behind in visiting your blog....

    I just scrolled down and read the ones I've missed.

    I am going next week to get some river rock, potting soil and new plants...My back yard is calling to me, and I want to get it done before the next surgery.

    I have been drinking large glasses of ice tea for the past few days too.

    Love and Hugs

    PS Darling picture of you and your son.... love it.

  2. Oh, I can imagine Josh had a wonderful time playing in the dirt.

  3. I am glad your family was home! At least some of the kids.
    I enjoy being outside, too!!
    Thanks for mentioning our article on Paige's page. ...

  4. Martha~

    What a wonderful day you had! I long to be young and energetic again. I loved what you said about the prayer meeting in the morning.

    I took so much for granted until I lost it.


  5. Joy, I long to be energetic also. I can't keep my eyes open today.

  6. You got your picket fence up! It looks nice!

  7. Thanks, Priscilla. It's not permanent yet, but I hope it will be soon. I like it.