Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rain On Our Parade

Yesterday was the Williamson Apple Blossom Festival Parade. Yesterday's forcast called for rain, and rain it did. The road started out dry but that didn't last long. I've never seen so many umbrellas! Thankfully, the rain was not cold as the day started out nice and warm, although each subsquent downpour was slightly colder than the previous one.

Dark clouds didn't stop this parade. Colorguards twirled their flags in the rain, marching bands played their music. Pretty girls from this year and many previous festivals either braved the rain or covered up the best they could. (The theme was "Thanks for the Memories.") Some were under umbrellas, some waved from the shelter of an automobile, and others smiled in spite of the soaking rain. Candy flew in all diections and soggy children scrambled to grab it up.

My friend Shelly set up her photography booth in the shelter of an empty building and watched the parade without fear of a soaking. See me and my camera in the window's reflection? Too bad my camera batteries died before the parade was over.

After the parade Hannah and I went home for a few hours. My sinus were not happy and I needed to close my eyes for a bit. By the time evening arrived it was downright chilly. We returned to town to find Ben and his friend, Clay, who had ridden bikes up earlier in the day. I stayed in the van while the kids watched the fireworks display. It was both warm and dry.


  1. This sounds like so many small towns in our area. Years ago we went to a pumpkin festival and they had everything pumpkin, including pumpkin fudge.

    Pumpkin Festival
    Sauerkarut Festival
    Bean Festival
    Corn Festival
    and on they go.

    The streets are always crouded when we drive though we have to detour.

    I think they are more fun for those who have lived in the area for years and meet to see old friends. Yours sounds more classy than Bean Festival.

    Have a great week!

  2. Every year in Weedsport, we have a firemans' parade, chock full of: firetrucks!! Our kids love it, love the candy, but we never go to the firemans' field days afterwards, too loud, too many scary carnies, too expensive...but this year, there is a new law, I don't know if it is effect yet, that firemen must have a commercial license to drive the trucks to anything except emergencies...great, huh? They have to get special licenses to drive in a two-bit parade! Only in New York....(my sinuses did not like the rain, either)

  3. Della, no wonder there were so many fewer firetrucks this year. I didn't see many tractors either. But there were lots of pretty girls and fancy cars. Webster has the fireman's parade and carnival also. We are not carnies and so we don't stick around much for all that stuff.

    Joy, our festival used to have more of a small town feeling than it does now. I love a community celebration. I think an Apple Fesival with pies and desserts and stuff would be great fun!