Monday, May 11, 2009

Love Through the Generations

Mother's Day really does grow more special through the years. Once upon a time I was the child fashioning a Mother's Day craft for the Mom who gave her life to take care of my brothers, and sisters, and me. I have memories of being a very small girl, seated next to her on the couch, while she put shoes and socks on my little feet. I sat on her lap in the rocking chair while she sang "Jesus Loves Me' and let me drink the last few sips of sugar-sweet coffee from the bottom of her cup. I knelt beside her next to my bed when we said our prayers each night...

One day I had a small child of my own followed by several more, but her mothering didn't stop there. Mom was there to answer questions and give advice, never more than a phone call away. She sat on the living room floor and played cars and blocks with my little boys and girls, hosted family picnics in her backyard, and lavished love on each and every grandchild who arrived. Between my sisters, older brother and I there are thirteen.

Now the generations are expanding once more bringing with them new little lives and faces. Now I am the grandmother blessed by the appearance of little ones. I can only imagine Mom must feel doubly blessed as she snuggles one of these tiny children and looks into their eyes.

I am learning that the blessing of Mother's Day doesn't come in cards and gifts, but in the gathering of family. In this I am blessed beyond measure.


  1. Great post! I remember all those things about mom too. We are blessed. :)I love gathering with family too, although for some reason when it's at my house I feel like I should be entertaining somehow with games and such.

  2. Sweet and Honest Martha ~~ I've just read all the posts I've missed and I just love the way you put into words what is in my heart.
    I would love to see all your posts put into a devotional book for women.
    You joys, your struggles, your thoughts and inspiration do more for me that a doctor's visit.

    I'm loving you this morning Martha and praying God will bless you "BIG" time today.

    Love and Hugs

  3. Great post Martha, you always leave something I can take with me when I leave your Blog.


  4. You write so beautifully Martha. This is such a lovely tribute to your Mom. I hope you enjoyed your mother's day!