Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finishing the Task

On Monday morning I was informed that this will be my final week with Troy. Classes at the community college are finished on Friday and Bryan will be off for the summer. This fall Troy will start kindergarten and so my job will be done in just a couple of days. I can hardly believe I have finished the task.

Troy was just two when he first came, still in diapers and barely talking. We cuddled him, comforted him, played with him and read him stories. In fact for three years he has scarcely gone down for a nap without first reading a book. He's done a lot of growing and is very much looking forward to riding the school bus with his big brother come September.

I knew this day was fast approching and I am not feeling sad over it, at least not yet. What I am wondering is "what comes next?" I still have Josh and Lucas periodically, and although I am slightly hesitant, I'm thinking about possibly adding some more little people to my schedule. If you think of it, keep me in your prayers.


  1. What great child care you provide.
    I know the children will reap the benefits all their lives!

    Will pray!


  2. He sure is a cute tyke! You'll miss him. I am sure of it!

  3. I think you're right, Priscilla. Maybe it just hasn't had a chance to sink in yet.

  4. My mother always babysat a child or two during the school year as I was growing up. Some of them she had from toddler 'til school,and she kept in touch with a few all their lives, until she passed. The kids she watched were like part of our family. I remember one little girl, her mommy was single and a nurse with a hectic schedule....she used to sleep right in my bed with me from the time she was two until kindergarten, a few times a week when her mom worked nights...she was like a little sister to me, and as an only child, she really loved our family...I bet you don't even realize what a blessing you have been to him and to his family...