Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Grandmother

Once upon a time this little old woman lived at my mother's house. There was once a little old man who made his living as a wood cutter, but he passed on many years ago leaving the little Grandmother a widow. I have never met their children nor do I know if there are any. If they exist, they moved on long before I was aware. Now the little Grandmother lives at my house tucked up on a shelf with several other knickknacks like a tiny clay angel, a miniature antique car, and a small stuffed bear. I have no idea where the little woman originated, only that she spent my entire childhood with us. I hope she likes it at our house.


  1. I remember looking at her when I was very little. I liked the little old man too.

  2. I was disappointed to learn that the little old man was no longer with us.