Thursday, January 10, 2019

A Little Snow Storm Too

I didn't leave home early enough this morning. I wasn't late leaving, I just needed to leave earlier than I did. My first clue was the snow piled on the hood and windshield. The second was the ice underneath the snow...

Had the roads not been snow covered, the snow not flying sideways, and the temperatures not bitter, I might have arrived at work on time, but blizzard-like conditions have a way of convincing folks to drive closer to 25 miles an hour rather than 45 or 50. (The photo is not from today, rather one I took one snowy November morning. I left my camera upstairs today.) At the halfway point I was doing okay, but rapidly approaching a time crunch. The kicker was the 55 mile an hour section where the guy in front was going about 20 miles an hour.

I punched in ten minutes late. (Yes, we still have a time clock with cards to punch.) Thankfully, I still worked my 8 hours and punched out at ten minutes til five. Between the holiday and going home early, I lost about 8 hours last week. My unused vacation time is in this week's check, but it feels like I've been shorted by an entire day. Ha.ha! I think I might get over it. I do typically garner a little bit of overtime most weeks.

I went to the pottery studio last night before the storm blew in and worked on another box with a figure on top. This time it's sitting on the edge of the lid with its legs hanging over the front. I'm never sure what I'm going to do with them until they happen and sometimes I find myself smiling at the result. Kind of like the little guy standing on his head on the lid of the little trinket box. I might have stayed longer last night, but the few others there cleared out early and being there alone just isn't quite the same. Besides, my car was parked across Monroe Avenue and I'm not real keen on being in the city alone in the dark. I decided to go home once I was done. It was only 7:30 pm. and the snow hadn't yet started to pile up.


  1. ...snow depths varied today, we had perhaps 8 to 10" and my daughter in Penfield had half that.

  2. We are expecting our first snowstorm this weekend. I dread it but I understand that we are overdue for one.

    1. Didn't we used to get snowstorms in November? I know we had deep, deep snowy Christmases when I was a little girl.