Monday, November 10, 2014

The Wanderlust

It was another unbelievably gorgeous day! After my pies were done baking (just two this time), I met up with Deborah and we made a return visit to the big cemetery in Rochester. We packed a lunch and enjoyed a leisurely stroll in autumn's wonder. Even November has it's share of outdoor beauty.

Deb had made up a little bouquet to leave at Susan B Anthony's grave. It was our first stop of the day.  I really do need to do a little more research on the women's movement. I've never considered myself a big supporter of everything it's come to represent, but I am thankful for many of the rights it's given me and other women.

Susan has gained an
additional sticker since last week, and several new stones have been placed atop her headstone as a token of love and/or respect. We took notice this trip of the stones that marked the resting places of Susan's family. Her parents and sisters are buried alongside her as well as a small nephew by the name of Anthony.

I've been strangely drawn to cemeteries since I was a very small child, often asking, when I saw a gathering as we drove past, if we could "go there." I can only imagine my parents' answers. I was always disappointed when we drove on by. ha ha! Way back in my memory bank I recall a cemetery gathering, perhaps for my grandfather or uncle. It appeared to my childish understanding as a giant rock garden and I was enthralled.
I've found a kindred spirit in Deborah. We've already, in two days, spent hours wandering Rochester's most magnificent historical cemetery, and I'm certain neither of us would mind spending several more wandering the hills and dales.

I think I'm going to need a new lens for my camera, one that will get me close to my subject when I'm really stuck in a far away spot.


  1. I love your photos very much. You have a good eye I think. When my youngest daughter was about 4 or 5 we were driving past a cemetery and she informed us "that's where the dead people live". I thought that was just the cutest thing and have never forgotten it.

    Marilyn from Canada

    1. Thank you, Marilyn, I do enjoy capturing images to share. Mount Hope really is a beautiful place to wander, in spite of the graves, and my great grandfather once kept lavish rock gardens. Perhaps that is why I feel drawn to the cemetery. It's just a big rock garden.

  2. My mother grew up near a huge cemetery, often playing hide and seek there. She always said that her mother said, "It's not the dead we should fear but the living." I grew up with a passion for those unlikely places too. Considering the gravity of Arlington Cemetery, we certainly enjoyed our visit there. Martha, one of these days we'll have to have a cemetery date.

    1. I have ancestor buried in your "little city"... I'd love to find out what Auburn has to share someday.
      I saw your photos of Arlington. I imagine that to be a humbling experience, especially on Veteran's Day. (Oh, and Happy Birthday to your boy!)