Friday, November 28, 2014

No Pie For You!

There was no leftover pie for breakfast this morning. Not sure how
I let that happen, but the good news is that I had an emergency can of cinnamon rolls hidden away in my refrigerator. (Lucky me!) Just perfect with a cup of sweet French vanilla coffee. Yeah, I'm pretty much hopeless. I'm going to need a strict diet resolution for New Years.


  1. Now Martha, that was terrible planning! But at least you had a Plan B in place. Way to go!!

  2. I had pecan pie for breakfast, there is one piece left, so I know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow. So glad my dearest doesn't care for pecan pie.

    1. We took our pie to Beth's house and came home before dessert was served. (My Darling had a spitting headache all day.) Thankfully, we had two pieces of pumpkin pie waiting at home and a partially used can of whipped cream. Maybe I'll try pecan pie for Christmas.

  3. Guess what is in my oven RIGHT NOW?
    If you guessed Apple are correct!
    Long overdue from your pie challenge months ago!
    Enjoy your evening Martha!
    Linda :o)