Monday, November 03, 2014

Morning in the Orchard

The bus stop was just a little bit brighter this morning than last week.
Morning sunshine on bronze and golden leaves sent me scurrying back inside for my camera, but after a click or two of the shutter, I found myself at a loss as to what else to capture. Although every morning is fresh and beautiful to me in real life, I find my photos are all starting to look familiar. ha ha! (Why wouldn't they? Don't I live here?)

The trees are nearly naked after the relentless wind of the past weekend. The few leaves still clinging to tired branches have turned from orange to burnt sienna and I still find them beautiful.

This is my fifth year of waiting for the school bus on weekday mornings. I don't always take my camera along, but when I do I'm often rewarded with some kind of treasure...

Sometimes little girls...

Sometimes a little girl grown bigger...

 Sometimes a feathered friend...

And sometimes falling leaves.


  1. I really love that first photo!..Gorgeous!

    What kind of bird!? I don't know that one!

    1. That is a golden crowned kinglet. I have a cousin who helps me identify birds I don't recognize. He was a little stunned, likely from hitting the window, but he recovered and flew away before the cats discovered him.

      The first shot is from this morning.

  2. That wee bird is so cute♥️
    I feel the same way sometimes Martha...
    You have that "relentless" wind, too, eh??
    We were at the cottage today...brrr
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

    1. Isn't he just beautiful? A tiny treasure for sure.
      I was surprised at how naked the trees looked after this weekend.
      I should have taken a ride to my own lake this morning, but I stayed home instead. Silly me. Oh well, I'll be out tomorrow and Wednesday.