Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Heart of Wisdom

I love when I set my heart to reading the scriptures or listening to Bible teachers and the same ideas and scriptures surface in a matter of a day or two. Such was the case with this "Psalm of Moses" and not just the psalm itself, but a particular verse.

So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom,
Ps. 90:12

I didn't realize that Moses had even  penned a Psalm but there it was, verse 12 of Psalm 90, mentioned specifically, and specifically as being written by Moses. The verse itself would likely have been enough to catch my attention, but God, who often speaks in a still small voice, opted instead to speak a little bit louder this time, just in case I wasn't paying close attention, I guess.

Last Thursday night's Bible study had to do with wisdom and the need to practice wisdom in order to grow in it, even looking for opportunities. YIKES! I found the "looking for opportunities" a little intimidating. But in spite of my hesitance, the Lord has seen fit to toss a few practice rounds at me anyway. I think I did alright with yesterday's opening test, but the verdict is still out on today's. I'm still looking for insight and answers, and praying I would give only wise counsel or keep my mouth shut altogether. They're both hard to do.


  1. I have found that keeping my mouth shut can prove to be the wisest thing I could ever do. lol....

    I love it when some little truth keeps coming to you like just know it's God wanting you to do that one thing...learn that one lesson...pray for that one person...whatever the case may be.

    1. I love the repetition too. It's how I know He's talking to me.

  2. Dear Martha, My mom had a saying, "the word that wasn't said is sometimes the wisest." I try to listen to this advice.
    I think the good Lord speaks to us in all that we do. Sometimes is more obvious that others; of course.
    I do believe in miracles though, I just think we have to look each day and we can find one.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

    1. Holding one's tongue is always good advice, isn't it?