Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tea for Three

What better distraction from the thoughts that fill my mind than three little girls and a "tea party"? My cousin's granddaughter came to play with Emma and Bella this afternoon. I have decided that three little girls do not make any more noise or create a bigger mess than two, at least not the two I normally have.

I am still wondering where to find small children who are not enrolled in preschool. Who will I take to the park next year? Who will accompany me to the zoo. Will I never go back to the Strong Museum of Play? Do children really need to read before entering first grade and how long do they think it takes to teach a child to read anyway? Why can't we just have fun learning to play for the first four or five years of our lives?

Okay, enough ranting. I don't think Lucas will be heading off to preschool any time soon. Maybe he'll enjoy hanging out with this "old woman" when she gets a hankering to play or visit the farm market next year. The girls will be going to preschool on the school bus five half days a week. What ever will I do?


  1. Oh I wanted to jump in the screen, become a little girl again, and join your tea party..

    A good choice to get your mind off the stress...

    Makes me want to go make a cup of tea.

  2. Preschool 5 times a week? In my opinion it's too much!

  3. I remember "fighting" not to have all day kindergarten for my kids. But now the school wouldn't dream of just 1/2 days for kindergarten. And now they've added a program for 3-year-olds!

  4. I am not a fan of preschool, for my kids anyway. I dread the day I send Miss Camille on that bus...I think they need these formative years to play somewhat unstructured, and bond with mommy. Our kindergarten is all day here, it used to be an hour shorter than the regular elementary day, but they tacked the hour back on, and they are gone all day. I deal with that by letting my kindergarteners skip about a day a week. Hey, they ARE my kids. I can only share so much....anyway, Martha, perhaps you can post on Craigslist? My mom always watched little ones after my little brother started school...she had seven children, too, and loved having the kids around. I think she would have payed to have them there rather than the other way around....

  5. You are going to miss them!