Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is It Spring Yet?

Yesterday it snowed, today the wind blew for what seemed all day long. It swirled my long hair into a tangle and threw it across my face. I could scarcely see what was about me! I made a visit to Bethany's house this morning. When it was time to go Josh said, "Don't weave, Hannah!" The sun was warm and bright and it actually felt like an afternoon outside might be in order, but when I arrived home another stiff lake wind awaited. Rats! Instead I finished up the nap I started yesterday.

We are already halfway through the week and it still feels like it has hardly begun... I wonder what I shall accomplish in the next couple of days? Only time will tell. If it actually warms up, maybe I will try weeding my flower garden or pulling the plastic covers off my square foot gardens. Is it time to plant the veggies yet?


  1. finished up the nap you started yesterday? LOL! I love that...I need to finish one I started a few years ago! ha.

    It's chilly here, too...and we had significant frost on the lawns in the neighborhood...which is what I was looking at when I dipped my hair in my coffee! :)

  2. very flower-fully worded post. And the mom in me says; silly girl, put a cap on or cut your hair?. :o)

  3. It's supposed to be 80 on least the last time I looked at the forecast it was.
    I had my hair pulled back into a ponytail when I went in Wegmans today, and when I came out the wind was so strong that by the time I reached my car only about half of my hair was still in the ponytail. :\

  4. I love naps, and I love you idea of completing one started on a previous day. You are so clever.

    Don planted two tomato plants and cleaned out one flowerbed for me.

    Family is coming Sunday to celebrate my BD and Mother's Day. Want to plant a few flowers to spruce up the back yard.

  5. The last picture reminds me of a cello.

  6. I think I shall plant my cold weather seeds today. What fun!