Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Leading the Blind (part 2)

Two years ago I posted about this little guy. (Read the story here.) His name is Beau and he is pictured between the feet of my friend, Becky, at a local horse barn. Becky's daughter was taking riding lessons and also training her first Guiding Eyes for the Blind puppy. I'm sure it was terribly hard to say goodbye when it came time for Beau to move on in his training, but I'm also sure the rewards of his success are just as great.

Beau is now a working guide dog. If you care to read about him, you can find the story here. (He's second from the bottom of the page.) I am impressed, and happy, to report that my friends are not done training guide dogs. Dahlia has been training with them since the time Beau moved on. I wish them much great success! (The pastor even lets the dogs come to church now! I saw Dahlia there just the other night.)

Congratulations, Bethany (and Beau)!


  1. Oh, wonderful! There is a dog training facility near our Walmart and almost every time I'm in there I see a trainer and a dog walking the aisles...having a lesson. :)

  2. :). There used to be a seeing eye dog that attended my CBS every Wednesday morning. Her name was Noelle, and I was always so impressed with her behavior, especially when we were having brunch.

  3. What a good dog he is!! He actually came to our house once. ...
    I'm sure his new owner is very happy with him. ...