Thursday, April 15, 2010

Calming the Storm

Last night I made some decisions and they involved a trip to Webster this morning. After dropping my four children off at preschool (Hannah stayed to help today), I headed out and then stopped to visit my mom and also see how my very pregnant daughter in law is doing. Leta is due any day now; we are just waiting... (Come on, Baby!)

I had a very nice visit with my mom and took her a journal to write in. I told her how much I really want her stories to be preserved too, not just Dad's. So much is lost when our parents and grandparents move on and I so enjoy the tales of childhood my parents shared through the years. I could see Mom's "wheels" turning and we talked and laughed some more at some of her memories like when someone asked her how she liked her baby brother. She said she didn't like him. He pulled her hair. "Why don't you take him back?" she was asked. "We can't," she said,"We used him already." Funny thing is Mom is only 20 months older than her brother so she couldn't have been much more than 2 1/2 or so when the story happened.

On my way back to preschool, I suddenly remember that Vinnie was going to show up at the house because I had forgotten to call and have his mom meet me in town. I gave a message to one of the other preschool moms and raced home rather than waiting for Hannah and the little people. While I was gone the girls and Hannah walked Colton home. They were waiting for me when I returned with the baby.

I'm feeling better today, less stressed, more settled. Thank you all for your prayers.


  1. :) Glad you had a nice visit.

  2. Oh Martha, won't your mom's journals be the best! Love the story and also loved your comments on my Ajax Soap post today.

  3. I remember her telling that story and I still laughed out loud when I read it just now.

  4. That is such a sweet story.

    Your mother looks just the same as she did then.