Monday, April 26, 2010

Changing My Plans

Instead you [ought] to say, "If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that." James 4:15

I woke up with a mental list of things to do today; clean the kitchen, straighten the house, do laundry, bake cookies... The day always feels so much more productive if I can check things off the list as I go along. It was going to be one of those days.

Emma arrived at 6:45 am, bright and early, and I added an afternoon nap to my list of things to accomplish. My kitchen was a mess from weekend overload, so I set to work doing the dishes and popped a load of clothes in the washing machine. Bella arrived and settled into a chair with Emma to "read" The Pokey Little Puppy. At this point in the game my plans began to change... A voice upstairs summoned me for help and my day went in a totally different direction.

For the sake of the afflicted I will make this brief and vague. Suffice it to say we spent the morning and most of the afternoon at the local hospital. Everything is fine now and everyone is home again. Somehow my laundry got washed and folded, my little girls were lovingly cared for, and we arrived home in time to make supper. I am now working on those cookies I plan to ship off to Minnesota tomorrow. And, whaddaya know! Someone even posted a cute little blog in my honor. (See the post below.)

Oh, and I almost forgot! Last night we watched The Fugitive. You know how he's searching for the one-armed man? I had to smile when we met the doctor in the ER this morning.


  1. vaguely happy all is vaguely well.

  2. Did that little green snake have anything to do with your all that work getting done?

    Or do I have an overactive imagination??

  3. What a day you had, and wow, even with changes in plans you sure got a lot done.

    I did very little today, as I joined my daughter and grandson (3rd grade) on a field trip to ABC Channel 7 Eye Witness News Room. Really interesting..will post tomorrow.

    I always like the movie The Fugitive. Also like the TV series of it years ago.

  4. Cookies are baking...

    Joy, I had some wonderful help today. I am blessed. Maybe that little green snake did help, who knows?

  5. Oh dear. Yes, being flexible is the key. :) Glad you got to cross things off of your list even with a trip to the ER! I'm a list maker...and the crossing off is the best part! :)

  6. vagueness about an ER visit doesn't satisfy this nurse's ears ;)

    But cookies do!

  7. So...did the doctor have one arm?

  8. Yes, he did. He seemed like a very nice guy.