Monday, April 05, 2010

Grandpa's Garden

Grandpa's gardens are resting quietly by the side of the house, waiting. Last year they grew carrots, beets and beans, peppers, tomatoes, and very likely squash. A scarecrow, who looked amazingly like Dad, was there to "scare away" little rabbits, and there was a little rabbit who found himself in a heap of trouble after nibbling on Dad's vegetables. And, of course, there was Dad who lovingly tended his garden, compared notes with Bethany and me (encouraging the amateur gardeners in the family), and who was more than happy to share of his bounty.

I have a renewed quest to make my own little square foot gardens successful. It was Dad's enthusiasm that got us gardening and kept us at it and somehow, I still want to grow a garden he would be proud of.

I have a sneaking suspicion that even if Dave and Leta are too preoccupied with work and babies, there will still be a little garden tucked between the next door fence and the side of Mom's house. How could we let Grandpa's gardens lie idle after all the work he put into making them? Besides, nobody likes a fresh tomato sandwich better than Grandma!


  1. What a wonderful "quest" to keep Grandpa's garden alive.

    Funny, today on my Art Blog, I shared how we are keeping Don's mother Grandma Frankie's purple iris alive....

    Hope you Easter was a blessed time. All the kids at the park had fun trying Myk's stilts!! He loved the picture you sent!

  2. I agree, there should definitely be some veggies growing there this summer. If they don't feel up to it or don't have the time, I'll plant something! :)

  3. You go, girls! Make your Daddy proud!